Sunday, July 31, 2011

John Paras Furniture in Sandy

    We bought a new love seat and matching chair from John Paras Furniture in Sandy on Saturday! We are excited to finally up-date our sofa.   We got such a great deal from Cub I just want to give him a big bear hug!! The customer service was AWESOME and the style totally matches me and my husbands taste...Modern with plenty of room for our goth-dark style! We saved so much we were able to buy the matching chair....RC Willey BEWARE! The FREE Delivery is awesome because we still have our 13 year old 2 door Honda Civic! Thanks again Cub!!
  P.S. The last time we went to John Paras in Sandy we bought a new Mattress after having a new born....Our youngest was maybe 3 months old and our oldest was 7 years old he decided to JUMP on the box springs
:( and he broke it! :( We still feel bad but, were extremely thankful we did not have to buy it!! although I feel we should have... It would have killed us in the pocketbook...We were only looking for Mattresses. ***Note to mothers: DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS JUMP ON BOX SPRINGS!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Planet Play in Draper

I just got a post card in the mail for Planet Play in Draper. "Your Summer $10 Deal"
2 Hours of unlimited attractions & buffet for up to 8 people!
Time for the J0lly R0gers to plunder this deal!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Spur of the M0Ment trip to Orem!

    So after a high amount of stress over the past couple of months our family decided to take a spur of the M0Ment trip to Orem. We stayed at the newly built Holiday Inn a full review coming shortly so keep on the look out for new postings and pictures!

We hope you all have a wonderful 4th and stay safe!

Love always,

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Amazing McGREWs Design Studio

.....Photo's Coming Soon!

I Bought The Coolest Apron today at:
The Amazing McGREWs at 666 oops I ment ......
333 W. Pierpoint Ave. (240 S.) in Downtown Salt Lake City

Their Store is Truly Amazing!!!
But dont take my word for it check it out yourself!!

Reimagine your Environment....
They offer Full Service Designer Workroom for Custom Slipcovering.
Unusual Gadgeteering and Specialty Fixtures.
Jennifer and Tim are my Kind of People!!!
Apron Photos Coming Soon!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kids Spring Safety

    I just wanted to remind everyone with spring now here kids are excited for the warming weather and tend to forget about the moving traffic around them.

Please Be Cautious When Driving so all of us can have a great year filled with activities!

    Also, Please remind your kids about Stranger Dangers. Child abduction is a crime that parents can help prevent by educating their children and themselves. provides kid-friendly information through advice on Staying Home Alone and Strangers and Other Dangers.

    McGruff is a great tool for any kid in any situation. They have advice about handling bullies, conflicts, strangers, and other tricky situations.

    Please encourage your kids to visit the McGruff website by Clicking Here

Let's have a safe and fun 2011

Love always,

No rest for the wicked . . .Thats why I'm awake . . . Luck Favors the Prepared.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Your Local Specials

What are some of your favorite local discounts, specials, and secrets?

What would you miss about Utah the most if you had to move out of state?!?
What would you like to do in Utah that you have not been able to do?!


    You know ... The little shop around the corner that has the coolest little things. That cool camping spot you remember as a kid. The funnest places your family would go to, or the places that have the best service. 
The places that make Utah, Utah.
    We love the surrounding mountains you can go in any direction you want and find adventure, a great view, and good exercise for ANY age.  We can't wait to get back outdoors and go hiking, camping and just enjoy spring as a family!!   ....We also still have our 2ed certificate to visit Pirate Island to use by the end of the month. I am trying to talk other half into another 1 night hotel stay at a cleaner hotel when we go. . .wish me luck


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Krispy Kreme Orem Review

02/21/2011  12:00PM
Review #944 Krispy Kreme 417 West 1300 South Orem, UT 84057

After Checking out we made our way around the corner to Krispy Kreme. This is another first for us! As soon as I seen it I knew we had to make a stop. They loved watching it!

I had an old fashioned doughnut those are my favorite! If I had the money I would have bought myself a 1/2 dozen of those alone. While at the register I noticed they have mini's packaged in cups ready to go. I could easily see my self going in everyday getting coffee and a cup of doughnuts and never getting tired of it.

Besides the fingerprints my kids and the other kids there left it was surprisingly clean!   Everything was great! from fast and friendly service to the freshly wiped down tables and clean bathrooms.
I was very pleased.

I would recommend everyone to visit this location!! 417 West 1300 South Orem, UT 84057
On a Star Rating I would give Krispy Kreme in Orem 5 Stars *****

As far as suggestion I would like to see a sprinkle bar (like what they have at Ice cream parlors.)

for the kids. I think that would be cool and make it even more fun to visit!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

La Quinta Inn Orem Trip Review

Our first hotel stay in 10+ years. . . .La Quinta inn Orem, Utah

February 19 Thu 21 2011

    Our 2 night stay at La Quinta started on Saturday February 19th at around 4:00 pm we checked in to our room on the 4th floor. Oddly the first thing I thought when the door was opened was whats on the wall?! Black dots were all around fire sprinkler head. In addition to out-dated electronics the remote and phone was Nasty!! The crown molding was not dusted, cob webs enhanced the look and brought out the dirtiness of the walls. At this point I am wondering if we checked in to the cum and go motel.
Cute entryway and nice mirrors made it feel bigger. The View of Utah Lake was a nice surprise.

    Now that the unpacking was done our goal was hot tub and pool. as we go to leave we notice how dirty the door handle was. We head down to sign in the hall way to direct us to the pool. As we get to the pool area we notice a party, as we get closer we realize the pool was part of the party. So after explaining to our oldest boy we head back to our room. We figured make some sandwiches, play games we brought and try again later.

    After eating dinner and playing some games we sent our oldest down to see if the party was over, Unfortunately is wasn't.  its 8:00 pm the pool closes at 10pm and at this point I didn't want to crush my son and tell him no to the pool. So, I told him later on I would let him go raid the vending machines. While he was at it he could see if party was still going on. So at this point he asks every 10 minutes. First time I told him to scope out vending machines and the party was still going on. Now our youngest and any chance of me getting into a hot tub fell asleep.

    We were determined to get wet the first night! Now that our youngest went to sleep after pacing around for a half hour trying to figure out where to sleep he gave up, got in bed and fell asleep. After an hour or so of channel surfing once again our oldest went to go check the status of the party. When he got back he was elated and went strait to the bathroom with no lock on it and got into his swim trunks. Dad was not far behind him. A half hour later they return water logged and happy. Our goal for the day was accomplished!

Sunday February 20th

    Waking up with the sun shining through I get up to pull down the blackout and regular shades and a mini bottle of hand lotion and a blue lighter falls to the floor...nether is ours! Excellent cleaning by the staff!!! Excited for breakfast I send our son down to get a doughnut and check it out for us ...Hes our go to guy and loves it!  He comes back and says nothing down there. . but has a bagel for me thinking it was some kind of nasty doughnut. My husband goes down with him and says nothing down there...All I wanted was a muffin...I am the only one in our house that likes them so its a treat for me. Breakfast was one of the main reasons we picked La Quinta...Do you have to beat a rush from the party the night before?

    Our second day was filled with family games and trips to the pool. Our first trip to the pool was the funnest! The pool was amazingly warm! Our youngest loved it, it was his first time ever. After we got back to the room our youngest crashed!! My husband and I tagged teamed taking our oldest to the pool while our youngest was in what I can only describe as a sleep induced coma after swimming for the first time. While going back and forth from the swimming pool guests seemed to be excited for the pool/hot tub and enjoying themselves.

    Around 5pm our youngest woke up and we started getting ready to head back to the pool when we seen the start of a breathtaking sunset, after snapping some pictures we headed down. This was the best part of the trip for me!! After seeing the start of the sunset and going down to the hot tub I watched the rest and it was perfect!! All of the colors in the sky it was cold after snowing the night before and me in a hot tub!
The windows could have been cleaner along with the hot tub and pool tile. The lime and calcium build up was bad, it was all around the whole pool and hot tub! Paint is chipping and wet towels everywhere! After wearing the boys out at the pool we headed back up to the room and settled in for the night.

Monday February 21st

    When we checked-in we asked for a late check-out. We knew we would want to visit the pool and hot tub one last time before we left. The pool Opens and Closes at 10. Late check out is at 12pm After getting everything ready for us to shower and leave after the pool we head down to the pool. Only to find out the hot tub was was being worked on. This was a major disappointment to me in addition to again no pastries of any sort at the bar. We were determined not to let this ruin the rest of the stay. After a short dip in the pool we got ready packed up and checked out.

Overall our stay at La Quinta was very disappointing.

We will NOT Return based on the cleanliness, lack of pastries, and pool.
I would NOT Recommend the LA Quinta in Orem to anyone! Based on the cleanliness of the room and pool alone I would be embarrassed in doing so.

** On A Star Review I would give them 2 Stars for the reasons listed above.
To find out more about our trip Please Check out Our Family Section by Clicking Here

Friday, March 4, 2011

Family of 4 Vacation for UNDER $200.00

Update...Utah Family of 4 Vacation UNDER $200.00
For Complete Story Click Here or look in the family section.

Coming Up . . .Utah Family Vacation on a $200.00 budget.

Our Family of 4 is planning a well needed getaway/vacation/staycation after over 10 years of NO vacations/getaways of any kind. . . We still can't afford it but it has become more of a need than a want.
When we return I will post Pictures, Reviews, and Prices...even our cost on gas will be included. So, you and your family can do the same.

After reviewing all of our options our family has chosen to stay in Orem, Utah for our Family Staycation. Our Planned Budget is $200.00 we are hoping this will cover 2 nights at a hotel, gas, cheap food and family activities based on what $$ we have left if anything.
Click Here For More